MommyCon :: ABC Kids Expo 2016: Nichole’s Picks

ABC Kids Expo 2016: Nichole's Picks

ABC Kids Expo: Nichole’s Picks

ABC Kids Expo 2016 was an amazing experience. I loved being able to walk the aisles this year, as in years past I was there as an exhibitor and was confined to my booth space so I could sell, sell, sell! This year I was able to walk the entire show over a four day period and I loved every minute of it. These are my top picks from the expo, and I hope you love them as much as I do!

On day one I found myself eyeing a beautiful diaper bag, but didn’t stop to check it out. On day two I walked by it again and was still googly-eyed over it! That night it was even the topic of conversation at team MommyCon’s dinner.  By day three I had to stop by the Happ booth and learn about this gorgeous diaper bag!

The Paige Carryall – Denim Herringbone bag has a beautiful denim pattern, is very light weight, has a doctor bag structured opening, and padded handles for comfort. Just see how functional and gorgeous this bag is below.

During my meeting with Regal & Lager, I was introduced to the Nomi highchair by Evomove. This beautiful chair can be used from the day you bring home baby until they are young adults! The Nomi has three stages. The Nomi Baby is an additional piece that you can buy and use as an infant seat from ages 0-6 months, the Nomi Mini can be used from 6-24 month, and the Nomi highchair can be used starting at age 2.

The Nomi is easily adjustable from stage to stage and very comfortable! I used it to sit on during my entire 30 minute meeting.

Another booth that drew me in at the ABC Kids Expo due to all their eye catching products was the Finn + Emma booth. To be honest, there is not one particular item that I can tell you about because I fell in love with so many of their products.

They have a wooden play gym that is ah-maz-ing! Not only is it beautiful and functional, my favorite part is that it is made to be eco-friendly and non-toxic! All of their other wooden toys and rattles were stunning. They all had beautiful art work carved into the wood. One of my favorite being the feather design. To top all of that, they have clothing line that is made of soft, stylish, 100% Organic Cotton and all inks and dyes used are eco-friendly.

A sweet smelling and brand new personal hygiene line for children caught my attention in the Giggle booth. Who doesn’t like the smell of sweet rice milk, AKA horchata?! Giggle has recently launched a hygiene line to help keep a healthy, happy, baby and the scent is called sweet rice milk. The line includes shampoo, body wash, bubble bath, lotion, sunscreen, a toy, highchair cleaner and more! This line has already won a few awards and was tested against some of the top lines on the current market and was ranked as one of the top!

What caught my eye first was the simple, yet visually pleasing, packaging. Once I smelled the sweet rice milk scent I was SOLD! I have already purchased the toy and highchair cleaner for my home and we LOVE it!

While I was in the giggle booth I was greeted by Beth, the CEO of Giggle. She was beyond welcoming, a pleasure to meet, and we had an amazing conversation!

The last product I would like to share with you is the Mini Mat by Gathre. Who hates the drink and food spills getting on your carpets, wood floors, and tile? I know clean up after feeding was never fun for me. This beautiful Mini Mat by Gathre is perfect for under your highchair to help keep the mess contained to one clean up area. It is water proof and wipeable for an easy clean up. What I liked most about the Gathre mats is that they have a leather like look and are modern and chic. I like the Mini size most, but there are many different sizes and colors to choose from to match your home.

Thank you for allowing me to share my favorite products with you from the ABC Kids Expo! I look forward to sharing more with you in the future as I attend more shows in 2017. Check out the products I shared with you today on their websites and see if you love them as much as I do! Happy Shopping!