MommyCon :: ABC Recap: Five New Diaper Bags That WOWed

ABC Recap: Five New Diaper Bags That WOWed

ABC Recap: Five New Diaper Bags That WOWed

Every year at ABC there are clear trends when it comes to product design, innovation and style. This year was no exception, and dare I say, it was the year of the diaper bag. Brands that I didn’t expect to release bags, did. Brands I did expect to see new designs from, delivered, and with each bag I saw, my heart sang to the bag-carrying Gods.

1. Unexpected Release: Ergobaby

Ergobaby Diaper Bags

Surprise surprise Ergobaby now has diaper bags! Most of you won’t remember the Ergobaby backpack or the tote they released with Christy Turlington, but for us die-hard Ergo fans the diaper bags are a great addition to their expanding product line. At ABC they launched a variety of bags that will launch in stores in Summer 2017. The designs match their carriers, and also stand alone really well. I could see a lot of parents flocking to the backpack style for ease of use while babywearing. I didn’t get to play around with them, but I am excited to see the features and how they hold up over time.

2. Smart Feature: Itzy Ritzy

Itzy Ritzy Triple Threat diaper bag

The bottom of this bag is amazing. Instead of having a flat bottom or purse-feet, Itzy Ritzy has made the bottom like a shoe sole. It sounds crazy, but it’s lightweight and can be wiped down easily. The bottom of your purse is nutritiously the dirtiest item you own, and this smart addition may be a game changer for bag aficionados everywhere.


3. Raising the Bar: Ju Ju Be

Ju Ju be helix chrome

They did it again. The Black Ops collection + the Chrome in Helix are new favorites around here. Our team is always caught sporting Ju Ju Be, because they are fashionable, gorgeous and oh so easy to take care of. I am always nervous about washing my bags, but these can literally be thrown in the wash and come out looking new. I use Babyganics detergent, and hang dry for a sparkly new bag. If you see me at an event, chances are I will have my Be Right Back with me, but in San Jose I will be using the Helix.

The Helix fabric is gorgeous – think of it like a great suit. The design is sleek and perfect for men and women. It has a very androgynous vibe which I am totally digging this season.

4. Luxe: Lassig Rose Gold 

Lassig Glam Rosie Diaper Bag

This bag from Lassig is dreamy. I look at it and want it every time I see it. The rose gold accents aren’t just on trend, but are timeless. It can be dressed up or down, and I could see this bag being used well beyond the diapering stage. The size is ideal for cloth diaper users or for parents that have two in diapers. It hasn’t released yet, but I have a feeling this will be a top-seller. Their neck-line bag can be seen at just about every MommyCon, an it never gets old.

5. Affordable: Kinbuilt 

kinbuilt bag

This bag was invented by a dad and comes in at a price point lower than most diaper bags, and while “affordable” is relative, this bag gets you a lot of bang for your buck. One of the ladies on my team said it was her favorite ABC discovery. The bag has a great wide top for easy access, tons of pockets, is waterproof, machine washable and has all the bells and whistles of bags the are 3x the price. The Kinbuilt bag comes in at $85.