MommyCon :: Family Friendly Fun Near MommyCon San Jose

Family Friendly Fun Near MommyCon San Jose

Family Friendly Fun Near MommyCon San Jose

This MommyCon San Jose guest post was written by MommyCon Blogger Collective member, Samantha, of All About Baby’s World. For more information on the MommyCon Blogger Collective and how to apply, click here.

Mommy Con is coming to San Jose! Mommy Con days can be long and you DO want to stick around until the end. Kids and partners often need a break from Mommy Con. I know I was thrilled to spend 8+ hours surrounded by mamas, babies and all their stuff but my husband and child were less than thrilled. While you relax and enjoy Mommy Con, send the partner and kids out to explore San Jose! You can join them on a fun outing between speakers or after Mommy Con is over! There are so many things to do within walking distance of Mommy Con San Jose which is being held at the San Jose Convention Center.

Plaza De Cesar Chavez Park

Image Source: Trip Advisor

There is an amazing park .2 miles away from the San Jose Convention Center that should take 5 minutes to walk to. It is called Plaza De Cesar Chavez Park, and is located at 194 South Market Street, San Jose, CA 95113. Right now this park has musical swings! When you swing, it plays music. When all the swings are going together it sounds like a song or a symphony. It is so neat! The swings will be there until October 2, but I am sure they will replace them with something just as exciting! If the day is warm the dancing water sprouts will be on. Kids can run and play and get wet, so be sure to pack an extra change of clothes! There are also picnic benches and colorful Adirondack chairs all around the park for everyone to enjoy. This park also has nice shady areas to enjoy a picnic as well as nice sunny spots to bask in the sun while the children play. The best part is going to the park is it’s free!

Children's Discovery Museum of San Jose

Image Source: Children’s Discovery Museum

The Children’s Discovery Museum is .4 miles from the San Jose Convention Center. This is a nice 10-15 minute walk. The Children’s Discovery Museum is perfect for children of all ages! They are open Saturdays from 10 am to 5 pm. Infants under a year old are free and those 1-59 years old have a $13 entrance fee. Seniors, 60+ years old have a lowered entrance fee of $12. This would be a great place to go for an hour or two to let the little ones get out some energy. The Children’s Discovery Museum has an art gallery, an art loft, a beautiful and fun bubbles exhibit, kid’s garden, kids in motion (best place to burn off some energy!) a mammoth discovery, rainbow market and more! There are so many things to do here, you might have a hard time leaving!

The Tech Museum of Innovation

Image Source: The Tech Museum of Innovation

For older children, the Tech Smart Museum is perfect! The Tech Smart Museum is .2 miles from the San Jose Convention Center and is an easy 5 minute walk. The Tech Smart Museum is open from 10 am until 3 pm. The Tech Smart Museum is recommended for children 3 years and up. A child’s ticket (ages 3-17) costs $19 and an adult’s ticket (18+) costs $24. This would be a great place to send an adult and older children to for the day. The Tech Smart Museum has wonderful exhibits that include Innovations in health care, exploration gallery, body metrics and more!

San Jose Rose Garden

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A little bit farther away is the Rose Garden. This is 2.6 miles away and you would want to drive. The rose garden would be a perfect place to visit after Mommy Con. The rose garden consists of 5.5 acres of beautiful roses with over 4,000 rose shrubs and 189 different varieties. The rose garden is open from 8 am until half an hour after sunset. It is located at Naglee Ave & Dana Ave San Jose, CA 95126. The rose garden is a park and is free to all!


Another fun activity for the afternoon or evening is the Happy Hallow Park and Zoo! TheHappy Hallow Park and Zoo is 3.3 miles away, about 10 minutes by car. My children LOVE the zoo, you can never go wrong at the zoo! The Happy Hallow Park and Zoo is open from 12 noon until 5 pm. Infants under 2 years old are free, children 2-59 years old are $14.25 and seniors 60+ years are $11.25.


The Brigadoon Park, located at Brigadoon Way, San Jose, CA 95121, is a great park to visit! It is 7.9 miles from the San Jose Convention Center so you will want to drive. There are play structures and activities for small children as well as older children. This would be a great place to take your group to run around and be crazy!


There are so many wonderful activities and places to visit near the San Jose Convention Center! Stay and play after Mommy Con! Enjoy the beautiful day!