MommyCon :: Community Spotlight: The Carrying On Project at MommyCon

Community Spotlight: The Carrying On Project at MommyCon

TCOP Booth


This community spotlight guest post was written by Kit Jenkins of The Carrying On Project.

If you’ve been to a MommyCon over the last two years or so, you may have heard of The Carrying On Project, or depending on the event, even met a representative. The Carrying On Project (TCOP) is a 501c3 NonProfit that provides free quality carriers to low income U.S. Military active duty service members, veterans, and their families. Founded in 2013 by two moms who met in Washington D.C., one who was previously active duty and now the spouse of an active duty service member. As part of the leadership team of their local babywearing group, which served lots of local military families, they knew the value of the carriers to those families and wanted to help as many babies get worn as possible. To date TCOP has helped nearly 7000 families, averaging out to close to 20,000 kiddos! In addition to distributing carriers, TCOP also runs playdates in 40 locations around the world, either near bases or in military-heavy towns. We asked some of the playdate hosts what the thought about MommyCon, and here’s what they had to say!


Mommycon has given me a place to find my mommy tribe. Being surrounded by other families who find the same things to be important has been pivotal in my parenting journey. It also allowed me to meet some of the moms “from the computer” that I had gotten to know so closely. Mommycon has been a great stepping off point to inspire me to do more for others in my community. Networking plays a huge part in the success of The Carrying On Project and working with mommycon has allowed us to reach more families and others who want to support our military families.” Victoria P., Wichita KS TCOP Rep

“I found working the Carrying On Project booth at MommyCon to be very rewarding and inspiring in that you get to personally hear the struggles and triumphs of some of the military families that have been directly affected by our mission. Also, seeing the support within the Babywearing community as a whole, coming together in one big event is a powerful experience and I think it helps reinforce that we are all doing an excellent job at this whole parenting business and we’re all in it together. Vendors, educators and every single person attending MommyCon each have so much passion for supporting one another and healthy, happy family growth that you can’t help but have an awesome time! And not to mention walking away with some amazing goodies and new friendships along the way.” Kristina D., Fort Meade MD TCOP Rep


“Mommycon is a great event bringing many parents together within the community. The event mainly focuses on attachment type parenting but has something for everyone. Many businesses (small and large) from around the community come together and it is a great place to gather information and resources you might otherwise not know are available. The workshop are also very diverse and well organized.” Brittany S., Seal Beach CA TCOP Rep


TCOP Recently signed up to be at EVERY MommyCon event next year, so if you haven’t had a chance to meet a representative, hear more about them, and look at some of the awesome merchandise they have (nearly 70% of their fundraising is through their online store and booths at events like MommyCon) such as hoodies, onesies, Tshirts, scrap items, and even some baby carriers made from designs they created, definitely find them at your local MommyCon and come say Hi!

To learn more about TCOP before you come to MommyCon, you can find them at, on Facebook “The Carrying On Project”, on Instagram as @carryingonproject and twitter as @CarryingOnProj.