MommyCon :: 30 Stunning Breastfeeding Moments

30 Stunning Breastfeeding Moments

Woman nursing while big siblings watch.

Kayla is nursing 14 day old Nathanial while big sisters Gabriella and Makaehla look on. Image credit: Pumpkin Patch Photography.

Baby Breastfeeding in Applecheeks Diaper

Vanessa breastfeeding her 3rd son. Image credit: Ilana Grostern.

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Hannah nursing her beautiful child.

Woman with tattoos breastfeedng.

Larz nursing. Image credit: Midwest Doulas, RockerByeBirths and St. Paul Photo Co.

Woman nursing child in a shark costume.

Cynthia nursing Little Bit in her shark costume.

Isreal Jean Holland

Isreal nursing her little one while wearing the baby in a woven wrap.

Newborn nursing with mother and big sister.

Ali breastfeeding her son about a half an hour postpartum while her daughter met her younger brother for the first time. Image credit: Kerissa Joelle Photography.

Winter image of a woman with children.

Jenn with sons Tennesee and John. Image credit: Ivette Ivens Photography.

Mom nursing child in public

Theressa nursing her little one.

Woman nursing newborn in a hospital bed.

Tiffany breastfeeding her newborn in the hospital.

Woman breastfeeding under a tree.

Dara breastfeeding her baby while her daughter gives a hug and kiss. Image credit: Emily Joy Photography.

milk donation

Rhonda and Jake with the family that they donated milk to.

Pumping and breastfeeding

Crystyn nursing her son while pumping to donate to other families. Image credit: Priscilla Photography.

Baby nursing while big sister cuddles.

Courtney breastfeeding her baby while big sister joins in for a cuddle.

Family in a gazebo.

Rubi, Carlos, Luna (3.5 years old) and Celeste (3.5 months old) enjoying some time at the park. Image credit: Lilyta Photography.

tandem nursing

TaiLeah tandem nursing Quinn (2 years old) and Maeve (newborn), with big brother Miles (5 year old) nearby. Image credit: Colleen Adams Photography.

Big sister watching mommy nurse newborn.

Kimberly’s daughter Sydney watching as her mommy nurses baby brother Owen. Image credit: Katy Rose Photography and Design.

Mother nursing newborn.

Chelsea nursing her newborn. Image credit: Little Moon Birth Photography.


Laura nursing her daughter.

Woman with children

Sonia sharing a smile with her children.

A mother with her two sons.

Victoria is nursing her son Wyatt (9 months) while her son Nathaniel (3.5 years) looks on. Image credit: Rayna Lea Miller Photography.

Sibling connections

Nursing is not only a time for Sasha to connect with her 8 month old, Sparrow. It is also a time for Sparrow and 4 year old Leland to connect, as well.

Little helper

Ramy’s two year old daughter Trinity is always happy to help little sister Serafina with a meal!

Woman nursing with supportive husband

Rhonda nursing her newborn with her supportive husband at her side.


A family moment at home. Image credit: Blaire Elizabeth Ring with Second Ave Photography.

New family in the hospital.

Parents Kevin and Katie sharing a moment while newborn Kellen has some milk. Image credit: Eden Thome of Eden Rose Photography.

Family with baby

Eric is there to support his wife Chelsea while she breastfeeds their daughter Penelope. Image credit: Koren and Joe Albright of Albright Creative Imagery.

Katelyn with her two daughters. Image credit: Kaitlyn Scruggs Photography

woman tandem nursing in hospital

Austin tandem nursing her children in the hospital.

Family Morning Snuggles.

Lindsay and her family having some morning snuggles.