MommyCon :: 12 Stunning Babywearing Wedding Photos

12 Stunning Babywearing Wedding Photos

Babywearing really is for everyone and the benefits are endless – from bonding to exercising to dancing. You can multi-task while wearing your baby in almost any scenario. You can even keep them close on one of the biggest days of your life. Getting married! Here are 12 breathtaking photos of babywearing at weddings.SAMSUNG CSC

Bride Roxanne Xenos wears her baby for her wedding at the San Francisco City Hall.  Her wrap is a Tekhni Galene in Arctica. Photographer credit: Nicole Gutierrez.IMG_1373

Bride Sierra Clark wears her baby at her sunrise Miami Beach wedding. Photo credit: Small Miami Weddings Photography.


Ariel Williams rocked it with grace and beauty in a borrowed silk indio shorty for her wedding in Central Park. Photos from Rebecca Morse blog.


Sandy and Greg’s wedding in the Peony Gardens. The groom is wearing his 4-week-old daughter in a Girasol Earthy Rainbow ring sling. Photos from Rebecca Morse blog.


Bride Jay McMillin, a certified babywearing consultant, wearing her baby on her wedding day. Photographer: Sarah Zanolini.


Newlyweds on their wedding day. Bride Jay McMillin with her husband and child on their wedding day. Photographer: Sarah Zanolini. Location, Colton, CA.


Bridesmaid Kiera Lichtenwalner wears seven-month-old son in a silk Thing-a-Ma-Sling ring sling at her sister-in-law’s wedding.


Alexis Ojeda wearing her son Giovanni “GCouio”. Her son was teething and was very fussy so she wore him the entire day, feeding him during the ceremony.


Jaclyn Rosso was a bridesmaid, and her daughter a flower girl, at a recent wedding. She wore her (then) 5-week-old son all day, and was able to dance the night away!!  She even had her bridesmaid dress perfectly altered for nursing!!


Bridesmaid Sona Kevorkian wore her baby in a Pavo Miel wrap in Buda, TX.  Photo credit: Katherine O’Brien Photography.


Bride Esther Lau with her baby at her courthouse wedding. Her wrap was her ‘something blue’. Wrap : Sling Studio Falling Feathers Tiffany. Photo credit: Mr. Lau.


Teysha Wheeler-LeManski had a very small ceremony at her favorite park. Her mom, Mary Priest, officiated the wedding. Both children, Everett & Maria,  were with them throughout the entire ceremony.