MommyCon :: World Babywearing Education Day – May 26, 2016

World Babywearing Education Day - May 26, 2016

World Babywearing Education Day

May 26, 2016

When my oldest was born and I was a brand new mom, I was lucky in that I had already been exposed to babywearing. I was armed with my Moby Wrap and ready to carry my little guy close! I quickly expanded my stash to a ring sling, soft structured carrier, and a woven wrap! I loved how there were so many different ways to carry in a woven and I watched a ton of videos on You Tube to learn how. I quickly mastered my favorite front carries. However, back carries were another thing entirely! How was I supposed to get this little guy on my back and wrap him up at the same time? What if I dropped him? The very thought was intimidating and even after watching video after video I just couldn’t figure it out. Then I heard about a local babywearing play date and decided to attend. I met my first Babywearing Educator at that play date and she kindly took the time to show me how to safely and securely get my son on my back and wrap him. Being able to wear my son on my back was truly liberating. I could get so much done and, as he got bigger, I could wear him longer than I could when he was on front. And thanks to that Babywearing Educator, I knew how to do it safely and comfortably!

What are Babywearing Educators?

Babywearing Educators are babywearers who have decided to take their love of babywearing to the next level and become accredited. They  provide instruction and support within their local communities. Entry level educators have shown that they have knowledge of the major baby carrier types and basic babywearing safety. More advanced educators have more specific knowledge regarding babywearing with advanced carries, wearing special populations, tandem carrying, and newborn carrying.

What is World Babywearing Education Day?

“The purpose of World Babywearing Education Day is to make babywearing education mainstream, debunk the myths surrounding it, and educating families about its crucial role in child development. We also want to celebrate babywearing educators who work tirelessly to educate families on a local, national and international level. On the day, we would like parents, educators,  and medical professionals to share their experiences and ask questions on babywearing.” Xza Higgins, Founder, MommyCon.

What are the key messages of World Babywearing Education Day?

To celebrate babywearing educators and the importance of babywearing education.

To normalize babywearing and debunk myths.

To highlight research and medical reports which support the benefits of, and science behind, babywearing.

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