MommyCon :: MommyCon DC 2016 Schedule and Exhibitor Announcement

MommyCon DC 2016 Schedule and Exhibitor Announcement

VIP Day – Friday, July 22, 2016

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All VIP sessions take place on Friday, July 22nd. You must have a general admission ticket (or equivalent) in order to upgrade with one or more VIP sessions. You may purchase up to one of each VIP session upgrade per general admission ticket you hold. If you have any questions, please email

1:00PM-2:15PM Cotton Babies VIP with CEO and Founder, Jenn Labit 
This small group session is hosted by Jenn Labit, Founder & CEO of Cotton Babies. This new session will help you create and better run a business as a woman entrepreneur with children. The gift bag includes products Jenn loves from some of her favorite brands. SOLD OUT! $50.00.

2:30PM-3:30PM Babywearing VIP presented by Beco Baby Carrier & Ergobaby 
Learn how to use a soft structured carrier and play games with your babywearing friends! Each attendee walks away with a Beco Baby Carrier or Ergobaby carrier which are given out at random during the session.  30 tickets available. $75.00.

3:45PM-4:45PM Feed the Baby VIP with special guest The Leaky Boob presented by Earth Mama Angel Baby
Jessica Martin-Weber of The Leaky Boob joins our attendees for an afternoon of bonding, community building, and sharing our feeding journeys. 30 tickets available. $50.00.

5:00PM-6:00PM MommyCon After Dark presented by Maya & Max by MOBY
Join the MommyCon team for a night you won’t forget! We will have games and an adult themed gift bag. Please note that this session is for adults, but nurslings are more than welcome. Children over the age of 12 months are not permitted, and we unfortunately cannot make exceptions. The content is no-holds-barred so if your little one likes to repeat things, you may want to leave them at home. Men are also not permitted in this portion of the event due to the intimate nature of the conversation. 30 tickets available. $60.00.

5:00PM-6:00PM Dad VIP
How to be a dad in a mom’s world with Mat York, CPST, CBWS graduate and lactivist. Mat is a father of two and will share his fondness of parenthood with dads at our event. 15 tickets available. $40.00


MommyCon DC 2016 – Saturday, July 23, 2016

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JumpIt Pass Room: JumpIt Pass allows parents access to the best kid’s classes in the DC Metro area.  For a monthly membership, parents can explore, discover and jump around to their favorite activities or try new ones. Choose from thousands of classes and over 150 venues and enjoy the flexibility without commitment. At MommyCon, you can explore music, dance, science and gymnastics provided by four of JumpIt Pass partner venues.  Enjoy any or all of the demo classes during the event!

9:30AM-10:20AM Scaredy Cat Potty Training presented by Super Undies
Speaker: Laura Wojciechowski
Super Undies will be presenting info on all things potty training, including why it’s so scary! Come learn what it takes to potty train, and leave empowered to get the job done.

9:30AM-10:20AM Postpartum Rehabilitation: It’s About Function and Safety with Dr. Dara presented by Ergobaby
Speaker: Dr. Dara
What happens to our bodies during pregnancy and how we can regain physical strength postpartum. This is NOT about weight, but about increasing function, decreasing pain, and protecting ourselves from injuries while we love, guide, and grow with our children.

9:30AM-10:20AM Steps Toward Sustainability
Speaker: Yvonne Brown
Begin as you mean to go on. Join Yvonne Brown, suburban homesteader, and learn beginning measures you can take to make your home more sustainable. From cloth diapering to compost and gardening tips!

9:30AM-10:20AM Zumbini Fun for Everyone! Sing, Dance, and Make Music with your Baby
Speaker: Amanda Holliday
Join Amanda for a fun and interactive Zumbini®  class, a parent-child music and dance class from the makers of Zumba®. This is a super fun, high-energy 45-minute class where children aged 0-3 sing, dance, use rhythmic instruments, scarves, and balls with their caregivers.

9:30AM-10:20AM Babywearing 101 with Beco Baby Carrier and Ergobaby
Speaker: TBD
Taught by a certified babywearing educator, Babywearing 101 is a comprehensive overview of baby carrier safety and an assortment of carriers including the mei tai, soft structured carrier, woven wrap, stretch wrap, hybrid wrap, ring sling, wrap conversion, and custom carrier options.

9:30AM-10:20AM Bite Sized Snacktime with Mixed Pears
Enjoy a fresh fruit snack and use Bite Sizers from our friends at Mixed Pears.

10:30AM-11:15AM Cloth Diapering 101 with Jenn Labit presented by Cotton Babies
Speaker: Jenn Labit
Join CEO and Founder Jenn Labit as she shares the Cotton Babies story and an introduction to cloth diapering products, wash routines, and accessories that will make your life easier as a parent. This session is a must-see for both cloth-curious attendees and those who are Cotton Babies fans!

10:30AM-11:15AM Kid’s Health: The Digestive Immune Connection with Dr. Mary Bove
Speaker: Dr. Mary Bove
The first several years of a child’s life is an important period for establishing immune system health, cognitive development, allergic predispositions, brain health, healthy skin, and good digestive function. Digestive health and function is directly related to immune health via several mechanisms including a healthy thriving microbiome. Look at the role of food and herbal medicines for supporting healthy digestive system development and colonization of the microbiome to encourage healthy immune system development.

10:30AM-11:15AM Queering the Birth Space: Opening the Birth Community to the Unseen
Speaker: Mary Auker-Endres
The birth community has taken great strides in re-centering the experience and decision-making aspects of labor and birth around women in the last few decades, but we have more room to stretch. Come learn how birth workers across the nation are working to open the birth community to non-traditional families and expecting parents and how you can be more inclusive in your work and your life.

10:30AM-11:15AM Babywearing for Survival: Special Needs
Speaker: Ashley Morrison
How do you make dinner when you have 3 little people under 3? What do you do if your toddler breaks his ankle and can’t walk on it for 8 weeks? Do you have a special needs child that gets overstimulated easily? If you’ve ever tried to take a stroller into a single stall in the public bathroom, this lecture is for you. Being a parent under normal circumstances is really hard. When you compound it with special needs you are babywearing to survive.

10:30AM-11:15AM Babywearing Yoga with Michelle Brady
Speaker: Michelle Brady
A new way to practice yoga! Babywearing Yoga is a great way for moms to connect and practice yoga while their babies feel comfortable and secure in a baby carrier. Babywearing has been around for generations and can be seen in many different cultures all over the world. This yoga class will be a combination of baby yoga as well as breathing techniques and standing yoga poses for Moms with babies in carriers to ease stress and tension, improve tone and strength, and connect with other moms in a safe and nurturing environment.

10:30AM-11:15AM Music Together Demo Class
Speaker: ClefTone Studios
Each child participates at his or her own level in singing, moving, chanting, listening, watching, and exploring tonal and rhythmic elements of music.  Even the newborn music makers produce tones, shake their hands, tap their toes, wiggle, and absorb what others around them are singing and playing. The emphasis is upon creating a fun, informal, intergenerational musical experience powered by the caregiver/child.

10:30AM-11:15AM Up Close and Personal: A Menstrual Cup Demo with Kim Rosas

11:25AM-12:00PM Why Body Positive Images for Mothers is Paramount presented by The Moby Wrap
Speaker: Jade Beall
Join the creator of A Beautiful Body Project as she tells stories of body love and why images without Photoshop matter.

11:25AM-12:00PM Dear Baby XO: Why Mom Fails are Good for You with Sarah Showfety
Speaker: Sarah Showfety
When a baby first arrives, most new moms go into a state of sleep-deprived overwhelm, catering to the needs of a tiny being with zero neck strength or bowel control. Though you’ve read all the guidebooks, they’re little help when you’ve barely slept, haven’t showered, changed three poopy diapers, and had two wardrobe changes and it’s only 8 AM. In the early stages of new parenthood, you may feel like you’re doing a lot wrong. You may feel guilty that you’re not doing “enough,” or for taking any time for yourself. Which is why Sarah Showfety started confessing her mom fails to her baby – and apologizing for them in funny captioned photos. The presentation will be lighthearted and let expectant and new parents know it’s normal to scarf all their baby’s cheddar bunnies or take 78 hours to finish a two-line email. An entertaining reminder to be humorous and gentle with themselves while figuring out how to be a parent.

11:25AM-12:00PM Turning Red to Green: A Menstruation Workshop on Making the Switch to Reusable’s presented by The DivaCup
Speaker: Kim Rosas
Check your skepticism at the door for this workshop on switching to reusable fem-care by self-proclaimed #vagangelist Kim Rosas. Whether you are cup or cloth curious you will find answers to your most TMI questions about what it’s really like to go green on your period. Kim will be giving a live demo of a menstrual cup insertion and removal using “Virginia,” a clear vagina-like tube. For cloth curious mamas she’ll go over the basics so you’ll be prepared to make the switch. There will be a Q+A at the end. Bring a good sense of humor plus an open mind and you may just become a #vagangelist too!

11:25AM-12:00PM The Playdate: Parents, Children, and The New Expectations of Play
Speaker: Tamara R. Mose
Based on Tamara Mose’s book titled The Playdate: Parents, Children, and The New Expectations of Play. With the increase of young families in various parts of New York over the last two decades, Mose finds a shift in how parents cope with their daily experiences of childcare in an urban center. The Playdate illustrates a shift in the language used to construct the play of children that happens mostly during the workweek and sometimes on the weekends. Building on studies on social class and childrearing practices, Mose explores how parents feel pressured to privatize play at the risk of social and cultural exclusion. The Playdate explicitly demonstrates how social exclusion is part of the construction of the playdate, how this contributes to the public display of parenting and how the playdate is manufactured as a site for reproducing class inequality, yet is an important component to parenting socialization. This book takes the focus off of children and focuses on parents as playdate participants, organizers, and social beneficiaries of playdates.

11:25AM-12:00PM Fall in Love with the Mei Tai presented by Babyhawk
Speaker: Jess Mann
Learn the history of the mei tai, ways to teach the mei tai and further understand knowledge surrounding this age-old carrier that is wildly popular carrier.

11:25AM-12:00PM Fall in Love, Learn and Enjoy Dance
Speaker: Tippi Toes Dance
Tippi Toes’ high-energy dance class is designed to keep boys and girls engaged and active while learning the basics of dance in a fun and healthy way including exercising their bodies, imagination and singing voices!  Enjoy a demo class with Tippie Toes instructors incorporating imaginative dance concepts and lots of fun!

12:00PM-1:00PM Lunch Break

1:15PM-2:00PM Fall in Love With YOU with Angel Laketa Moore
Speaker: Angel Laketa Moore
This session is all about building our self-esteem as parents so we can help our children do the same. Value your unique identity, appreciate your self worth, and ultimately fall in love with you.

1:15PM-2:00PM Finding Community: How to Build it When it Doesn’t Exist 
Speaker: Xza Higgins
Being a parent can be tough. Being a parent without a support team can be even tougher! This session will offer solutions to the dreaded mommy-brain loneliness and provide you with tools to creating your own mommunity!

1:15PM-2:00PM Why Toddlers Fear New Foods with Dawn Winkelmann of EZPZ
Speaker: Dawn Winkelmann
For both parents and professionals. We’ll explore seven reasons why toddlers fear new foods;  learn ways to decrease anxiety at the dinner table; learn when food neophobia starts and ends; learn four common mistakes parents make that can cause food refusal; learn tips to overcome food neophobia; and understand when to seek help or start feeding therapy.

1:15PM-2:00PM Navigating Life as a Parent of a Special Needs Child: Tips from a Special Ed Teacher and a Mom Like You
Speaker: Maren Pearson
ADD, IEP, IFSP, SLP, PT, OT. What? It’s hard enough being a new parent, but finding out your child has a special need can be the hardest thing you ever do. You have just entered a world of acronyms and the unknown. I am a mom like you, with a son who has special needs, but I had a leg up on that part, as I was a special education teacher in my pre-baby life. But it’s different being on the receiving end, and eye-opening. I will discuss what every parent needs to know when entering a meeting with service providers (IFSP, IEP, 504 – plus what those mean), important rights as parents, and how to get service providers to go beyond ‘free and appropriate. Did you know there are tons of resources out there to help you? I will offer some info on how to access those community resources. Everyday life is hard, so I will talk about how to love your child for who he/she is right now. So much time can be spent at doctor appointments, therapy sessions, you can get lost and forget that they are still kids, and that is magical. Love them for who they are right now.

1:15PM-2:00PM Wrapping 101 with MOBY and Tekhni Wovens
Speaker: Jess Mann and Casey Clark
Certified Babywearing Educator Alisa DeMarco shows you how to babywear using the MOBY wrap and Tekhni Woven Wraps! In this interactive session, participants are each shown how to use a wrap to front carry and back carry. Wraps and baby dolls are provided for demo purposes for use during this session.

1:15PM-2:00PM WHow to Incorporate Learning into Everyday Life
Speaker: NoVa PlayLabs 
You are your child’s first teacher, but just because you don’t have a degree in child development doesn’t mean you can’t teach you child. From morning to night, there are ways to slip in lessons without fancy gadgets and workbooks.

2:15PM-3:15PM Cloth Diapering 101 with Jenn Labit presented by Cotton Babies
Speaker: Jenn Labit
Join CEO and Founder Jenn Labit as she shares the Cotton Babies story and an introduction to cloth diapering products, wash routines, and accessories that will make your life easier as a parent. This session is a must-see for both cloth-curious attendees and those who are Cotton Babies fans!

2:15PM-3:15PM Declaring War on the Mommy Wars: Graceful Communication in Conflict with Pamm Fontana
Speaker: Pamm Fontana
As a parent, it is easy to feel judged, and it is easy to fall into the habit of judging others. But what if we declared war on the stereotype of mommy wars and lived as healthy communicators with grace in the face of awkward conversations? What if we were equipped to stand up for our choices in a positive way instead of putting the smack down, getting defensive, or resorting to passive-aggression? I’ll share six ways that we can declare war on mommy wars and keep on growing into the kinds of adults we want our kids to be someday.

2:15PM-3:15PM What Love Tastes Like with The Leaky Boob presented by Earth Mama Angel Baby
Speaker: Jessica Martin-Weber
Feeding with love and the impact of infant feeding on long term parenting and the importance of telling our stories and how we do so.

2:15PM-3:15PM Baby Food Making with Sage Spoonfuls

2:15PM-3:15PM Ring Slings 101 
Speaker: Angelique Geehan
Ring slings might look complicated, but Angelique will show you just how easy they are. This versatile carrier can be used from birth well into toddlerhood. Angelique will share techniques for making this your go-to, on-the-go carrier.

2:15PM-3:15PM Introduction to Movement and Gymnastics  
Speaker: Silver Star Gymnastics 
Little ones will enjoy a class demo helping with small skills such as forward rolls handstands and cartwheels giving you a glimpse at what a Silver Stars class has to offer.  Their programs utilize the newest and most imaginative gymnastics instruction and equipment especially designed for the pre-school child and beyond.

3:30PM- 4:15PM Car Seat Safety with Mat York
Speaker: Mat York

3:30PM-4:15PM Natural Childbirth in the Out-of-Hospital Setting with Tammi McKinley, CPM
Speaker: Tammi McKinley, CPM
Natural parenting which begins with a natural pregnancy and evolves into natural childbirth. Join Tammi McKinley, CPM, as natural childbirth in the out-of-hospital setting is discussed. There will be time for Q&A.

3:30PM-4:15PM The Partnered Life: Intimacy After Baby with Jessica and Jeremy Martin-Weber presented by California Baby
Speakers: Jessica Martin-Weber and Jeremy Martin-Weber
Need to spark things up a bit? Is something missing from your sex life now that baby has arrived? Jessica and Jeremy Martin-Weber of The Leaky Boob share stories, words of encouragement, and give advice on how to make things a bit more interesting even after being together 18 years!

3:30PM-4:15PM Baby Signs® Parent Workshop with Michelle Brady
Speaker: Michelle Brady
This 90-minute class provides parents with an overview of the Baby Signs® Program including the many benefits of signing, basic “how to’s” for teaching babies to sign, and many of the most useful signs through games, songs, and entertaining activities.

3:30PM-4:15PM Babies at the Barre with Tori Levine
Speaker: Tori Levine
Babies at the Barre™ is a mommy and me style exercise class designed for new caregivers and their babies. This post-natal barre class will work your body from the inside out while you playfully interact and connect with your bundle of joy. Class is a mix of basic ballet and pilates exercises completed at the ballet barre and on the floor. Exercises focus on rebuilding strength in the pelvic floor as well as increasing flexibility, and toning arms, core, calves, and buns. No prior dance or pilates experience is required. Class also provides a great opportunity for new parents to chat with each other and check in with other attendees after class and during cool-down. Babies should be at least 8 weeks old and be worn in a carrier with proper head support. Moms should have their doctor’s approval before starting any physical activity after their baby’s birth. While Babies at the Barre™ is designed for the postpartum woman, it is a great class that Dads, Grandparents, Partners, and other caregivers will also enjoy and benefit from!

4:30PM-4:45PM Giveaways + Gear for the Modern Parent with Mat York presented by Eyla’s
Speaker: Mat York
Join Mat York, CPST and babywearing enthusiast, as he discusses all things baby gear! This session wraps up our day with a crazy big giveaway, and attendees will walk away with an in depth look at all the products we feature at the event.

Sleep Consultations with Rebecca Michi presented by Naturpedic
Sign-up form will be posted two weeks prior to the event.

Exhibitor List as of 7/7/16:
Au Pair Consultant
Babies R Us
Baby Belly Laughs
Baby Care Area
Baby Food Court
Baby Food Court
Baby Proofing Montgomery
Babywearing Lounge
Benefits Beyond Birth
Bottle Bar
Bouncing Bambini
Brewla Bars
British Swim School
Buccio Baby Shop
California Total Body Massage
Carrying On Project
Cj’s BUtter
Cloth Diaper Resource Center
Cute Awaking
Design Dua
Doulas of Capitol HIll
Ergobaby Booth
Evenflo Feeding
Fresh Wave
Gaia Herbs
Gear Area
GingerBean Clothing
Holistic Parent
Jammy Jams
Jessica Veara Photography
JumpIt Pass
Kebbie’s Diaper Bag
Kiddy USA
Kind Snacks
Latched Mama
Latched On Love
Lil Chic
Lil Tulips
Little Balance Box
Little Fishkopp
Meadowlark Diaper Company
Mindful Healthy Life
Mixed Pears
MOM’s Organic Market
MommyCon Shoppe
Once Upon a Farm
Our Baby Class
Piedmont Parenting Resource
Rise and Sign
River Babe Threads
Sage Spoonfuls
Sarah Wells Breast Pump Bags
Smart Bottoms
Snack Station
Snappy Sprout
Snuggle Me Organic
Super Undies

Tekhni Wovens at the MommyCon Shoppe
The Breastfeeding Shop
The Nurturing Root
Tot Squad
Ubbi and Pearhead
Vagina Village
Whole Life & Services
Whole Life & Services 2
Wild Poppy Hadwovens
Wrap Scrap Creations