MommyCon :: Ergobaby x MommyCon: Meet Cooper

Ergobaby x MommyCon: Meet Cooper

Ergobaby x MommyCon: Meet Cooper

Pinch me please. To start this story, you need to go back in time with me. Four years ago this event started with a mission to connect those that were curious about babywearing. Some of us breastfed, others used formula. Some cloth diapered, and others were grossed out by it. We did however have one thing in common; and that was wearing our babies.

I remember the first babywearing meeting like it was yesterday. It took place in the living room of a Portage Park (Chicago) mom’s house. Seven of us gathered to try on carriers with our babies, who at the time, ranged in age from two months to two years old. We laughed as we tried on carriers, and we changed diapers, because #momlife.

A little more than six months later, our babywearing meetings were growing in size, and instead of just gathering in living rooms we expanded to play spaces, and even had a beach retreat in rural Michigan. Community became the focus. Babywearing was still cool, but what we got out of each meeting was a sense of worth from the women that joined us. Even four years on, I am still friends with many of the women who came to those first meetings. We even have one of our first attendees on our team now.

MommyCon grew out of the desire to spread community around the country. To kick the MommyCon journey off we started in Vegas. 200+ parents gathered in the basement of the Flamingo hotel. We had ten exhibitors… which ironically was way more than our second event.

One of those exhibitors was Ergobaby. Ergobaby was the first brand to “get it.” They understood the essence behind MommyCon, and from that moment on, they supported every event we hosted. Whether they could be there in person or just send carriers our way, they participated in someway. Their involvement in MommyCon is the reason we are here today, without them, MommyCon would have never made it beyond that Vegas casino.

Nowadays you will find Ergobaby at all of our events, they host the babywearing lounge, and support a plethora of amazing speakers during the day. They employ incredible people who care about happy, healthy babies. Their team have become friends of ours, and now we share a baby… carrier together.

Photographed by Thomas | © 2016 TK Photography |

Cooper is a collaboration with the purpose of supporting the Ann & Robert Children’s Hospital of Chicago. Jointly, we will donate at least $5,000 to the hospital, and get more babies into carriers.

The carrier pairs organic navy cotton with a plaid that is perfect for the urban hipster. It’s casual yet smart, and perfect for everyday wear. It’s a carrier that we love here at #MommyConHQ, and hope that you fall in love with too. In creating this carrier, we not only partnered with Lurie’s, but we partnered with Changing the Face of Beauty. Our model Maely was born with Fibular Hemimelia. This means that her fibula in her right leg never formed. She’s actually heading in for her amputation surgery on Tuesday, and will be fitted with a prosthetic in the next month.

Photographed by Thomas | © 2016 TK Photography |

If you are coming to WEAR, you can buy it in the #MommyConShoppe. If you aren’t at the event you can pre-order one in our store (starting May 20) or purchase directly from Ergobaby on May 27. The carrier is super limited edition, and only 80 carriers are in existence.

If you are stashified, you can still get involved with sharing this carrier with your friends. We are extremely proud of this collaboration, and would love for you to share the Official WEAR Conference Carrier with your community.

With love and babywearing,

Xza Wi

Xza Louise
Founder, MommyCon & WEAR

P.S… Big thanks to TK Photography for taking photographs of Cooper on Megan and Maely.