MommyCon :: Best Buy x Samsung x Mom 2.0: Xza’s Favorite Product

Best Buy x Samsung x Mom 2.0: Xza's Favorite Product


Best Buy x Samsung x Mom 2.0

Xza’s Favorite Product

If you were to have asked me what I was going to takeaway from Mom 2.0, it would not have been that I needed the Samsung Smart Fridge in my life. Seriously though, this fridge, this one, right here, is mind-blowing. It practically does the cooking for you.

The Samsung smart fridge is bananas, and it can even tell you when those bananas go rotten. Priced at over $5000, this fridge isn’t for the everyday family, but it certainly leaves a lot of mother’s coveting it’s swanky features.

The fridge comes complete with built-in camera’s that monitor your food’s freshness… SAY WHAT?! To a huge touch screen display that you can order groceries from, yes, directly from your fridge via the Instacart app. Have i professed my love for Instacart yet? No, okay, it’s grocery delivery service that will deliver groceries to your door within two hours. I haven’t stepped in an actual grocery store in months, and I could not be happier.

Back to the fridge: the technology built into the fridge even allows you to track junior’s eating habits.  The features are endless, and if you didn’t watch the video at the beginning of the post, you should watch it, because I geek out on this fridge hard. The features are covetable, and one day I hope every mom gets to have this fridge in their home.

The stove they featured wasn’t half-bad either 😉

Best Buy x Samsung x Smart Fridge

Disclaimer: the reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card. 

Best Buy x Samsung x Mom 2.0: Xza’s Favorite Product