MommyCon :: No Insert Required: Ergobaby Adapt Carrier Review

No Insert Required: Ergobaby Adapt Carrier Review

No Insert Required: Ergobaby Adapt Carrier Review

To say we have a thing for baby carriers is an understatement. We have a love affair with the closeness babywearing brings us to our children. We love kissing our babies heads, and snuggling them close, all while tending to our older kids, cooking and making sure princess-unicorn tea parties are underway. So now that we have professed our love of baby carriers to you, let’s get into the things we don’t like about babywearing.

Infant inserts. They are cumbersome, not intuitive and are the bane of our existence when it comes to educating parents on safe babywearing options for their families. Many carriers exist that require infant inserts, many of them are wonderful options, but when a parent approaches us with the all-too-common request of a carrier that will last them from newborn through toddlerhood that is easily accessible, we have been limited in our options – until now.


We want to welcome ADAPT into our lives. This brand spanking (this is the only type of spanking we approve of) new carrier from Ergobaby has given us something to sing songs about.

The carrier features all the things you love about the Ergobaby Original while taking the feedback of their die-hard fans to heart. They got rid of the infant insert, Ergobaby Original lovers don’t need to fret – they aren’t getting rid of this well loved carrier. They actually have some beautiful new prints that just came out.

Within 5 seconds you can adjust the ADAPT carrier to fit a 7 pound snuggly newborn to your 45 pound pre-schooler whose legs got tired after she demanded that she walk, and you left the stroller in the car. Face it, we’ve all been there.

Using Velcro on the waistband the ergonomic bucket seat gradually adjusts to fit your baby snuggly. When baby is a newborn, the carrier can be worn on the natural waist on the smallest setting – red stitching – and cinch the snaps that sit near babies bottom. If you’ve used an infant insert, you already know that there is an awkward point where your baby doesn’t need the bulky insert, but is too small to fit comfortably in the carrier either. What’s a parent to do? On Adapt there is a middle setting for this, that allows the seat to adjust to your baby’s current size.

ergobaby-adapt-black_zpsbiebcj0iOther features we are head-over-heels for include the lumbar support built into the buckle waistband. A first for Ergobaby is crossable straps as part of the design which allows for easy buckling in front-carry mode. The carrier has a hood, a small pocket and the carrier can be worn on the front, hip and back. This carrier cannot forward-face-out, but the Ergobaby 360 can.

At this point you are probably wondering if this carrier is right for you, and we don’t blame you for wanting to buy it this very minute. Ergobaby definitely created a homerun, with ADAPT and we are incredibly excited to have it at all MommyCon events this year. We encourage you to come out to an event to try it for yourself, or reach out to a local babywearing group or educator for a one-on-one carrier fitting.

You can buy one for yourself here. Ergobaby is currently running a special on them, so the price may be lower than what is indicated in our blog.

Price: $145
Weight Range: 7 lbs – 45 lbs
Strap Length: 28 ¾” – 48 ¾”
Waistbelt (worn low or high): 26” – 55”
Colorways: Black or Pebble Grey
Material: 100% Cotton
Machine Washable