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Glitter Foam Dough

Glitter Foam Dough

By Emily Tatum


We are always looking for fun and exciting sensory projects to do at home and with the warmer weather here we love to get messy outside. There are all kinds of different concoctions you can create with items you might have at home or can easily get at the Dollar Store that will keep the kids entertained for a nice block of time so you can relax and breathe for a second. Today I decided to try and make Glitter Snow Dough by mixing a few household ingredients and the results were spectacular!!


  • Equal Parts Shaving Cream and Corn Starch- I got both of these things at the Dollar Store
  • A Squirt of Food Coloring
  • Glitter
  • Scoops and Cups – I just used the my measuring ones from the kitchen

To get everything all set up you just put the corn starch into mixing bowls with the shaving cream on top. I used one mixing bowl for each color dough. Then you add the food coloring and mix it all up for some awesomely light foamy dough.  It was super easy to just plop each color dough into the container and then top it with glitter. I gave each child their own container and put the utensils in the middle.

IMAG1989 (1)


Everyone had such a great time!! They scooped and made snow ball type balls. The end result was both boys rubbing it from head to toe. Fitz tried to get the dog too but luckily he is faster than that toddler.

IMAG2013 (1)                            IMAG2034

The thing that I love the most about outside sensory play like this is the easy clean up! Once they were all finished, I just let Dillon turn on the hose and spray everything off. It is really like a two for one if you think about it, sensory play plus a water activity!! We had such a great time! I would highly recommend it!