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VIP Benefits

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Buying VIP

  • VIP sessions are add on upgrades to general admission and pre-sale ticket holders. You must be a current ticket holder to be eligible to purchase a VIP session.
  • VIP session details, including when they will be released for purchase, are typically released a minimum of 30 days before the event.
  • We do cross check all VIP purchasers to make sure they do have a general admission ticket and you will be refunded and lose your spot if you purchase a VIP session without already having a general admission ticket in your name.
  • You do not need to provide confirmation you are a general admission ticket holder when making a VIP purchase. We cross check them by name on our end.
  • Only one VIP ticket per session may be purchased for each general admission ticket in your name (ex. If you have two general admission tickets in your name you can purchase up to two tickets to each VIP session, however  you will only be able to add one ticket to your cart at a time)
  • Only one VIP session may be carted and purchased per transaction. If you are wanting a ticket to multiple sessions, check out with the first session and go back to try for the next session.

Pro Tip: Pick which VIP session you’d like to go to the most and try for that one first as these tickets sell out FAST

  • Past sessions have included: Babywearing with Beco & Ergobaby, The Leaky Boob with Ameda & Ergobaby, Jenn Labit with Cotton Babies. Expectant and New Parents with The Baby Guy NYC, Mighty Mornings with the Honest Toddler & Plum Organics.
  • We release half of the tickets for each session to pre-sale ticket holders the first day they are on sale followed by the second half on the following day to all general admission ticket holders.
  • We do not give an exact time for the tickets to be released, just a time frame (ex. 2-3pm), in an effort to prevent ‘bots’ from purchasing all the tickets to resell them at higher prices.
  • We cross check VIP purchasers on the first day with pre-sale ticket holders. If you are not a pre-sale ticket holder, you will be refunded.
  • Every city has different VIP options; some will have three and some will have four while some others will have an entirely different structure for VIP. They range between $35-$175 for each session.
  • Unfortunately, we do not have the ability to answer questions about VIP sessions in any given city until the details have been officially released.


Attending VIP

  • VIP benefits include:
    • 10% off MommyCon shirts at the MommyCon Shoppe
    • Expedited entry on event day; you get to skip the line and just walk in by showing your badge
    • An intimate gathering with a featured MommyCon speaker
  • If you miss your session on Friday you can pick up your gift bag and check in on Saturday. You will need to go to the VIP/Media  registration table to check in.