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MommyCon Event Elements

Our Event Elements are what set MommyCon apart from all the other parenting conventions. Like everything at MommyCon, we focus on the more natural side of parenting practices, and our Event Elements are no exception!


Babyganics Baby Safe Play Space

The play zone is located in the back of the seminar room at each event. The area features toys, tunnels, tents and more for your kids to explore and play with. We ask that this area remain food and liquid free.

Beco & Ergobaby Babywearing Lounge

The #babywearinglounge may be the most popular event element at MommyCon. This area features hundreds of carriers for you to test out, feel and try on. Not only will you be able to see carriers, Babywearing International Volunteer Babywearing Educators (VBE’s) are on hand to help you test them out. For a full list of carriers showcased in the lounge, click here.

Changing Stations

Ran out of diapers? Forgot wipes? No worries! Thanks to our partnership with Babyganics we are able to provide attendees with chlorine, latex and fragrance free disposable diapers.

Cloth Diaper Resource Center

The cloth diaper resource center features over a fifty different cloth diapering products from your favorite (or soon to be favorite) cloth diapering brands. In addition to all the different types of cloth diapers you will find, there are also cloth diapering accessories, detergents and even samples for you to try out at home. This educational resource is available throughout the event day thanks to a partnership with Dirty Diaper Laundry. For a full list of items shown in the resource center, click here.

Evenflo Feeding Lounge

The feeding lounge serves as a safe, comfortable and quiet place to feed your child away from the crowds. Whether you need to use a pump, your little one needs a little bit of downtime or you just want a comfy place to sit back and nurse your baby, the Evenflo Feeding Lounge will provide you with a tranquil area to give your little some one-on-one attention. The lounge will also have everything from nursing pillows, disposable nursing pads to magazines and water. For more information regarding the feeding lounge, click here.

Little Dippers Creative Station

Finger paints, coloring, crafts and more can be found at the Little Dippers Creative Station. Things to expect in the creative station include: vegan and eco-friendly art supplies from  Nova NaturalEzPz Fun and One Step Ahead.

Naturpedic Sleep Consultation Area

Rebecca Michi, gently guides parents in their sleep decision choices as she answers frequently asked questions and helps debunk common sleep myths.

Baby Care Area with Baby Comfy Care

Brand new for 2015! This area has a focus on natural alternatives that make parents’ lives easier. Stay tuned for more details of this great area. Click here for more information.