MommyCon :: Two Year Eventiversary

Two Year Eventiversary



  1. Hosting events in 15 states + DC in 2013, 2014 and 2015. So far we have met over 10,000 families, and this year we are set to meet another 5,000+!
  2. Watching over 100 moms breastfeed, eat lunch, and form community in the basement of a Vegas casino – all while an accounting meeting was going on next door. This was at our very first event and while the setting may look different now, the same sense of community can always be felt at the event.
  3. Co-hosting a babywearing party for Christine N. and her daughter Violet in Memphis with Ergobaby. Christine had won a video contest we ran in early 2014. Her winning video showed her wearing Violet who was born with a congenital heart defect and has spent much of her life at Le Boneheur Children’s Hospital. Violet has a tracheotomy which requires a lot of equipment and care, but Christine didn’t let that stop her from wearing her daughter! Violet is doing great now, and Christine continues to wear her daughter and new baby boy. To see her winning video, click here.
  4. Setting the Babywearing World Record with Beco Baby Carrier in Philadelphia and Los Angeles. We had over 2500 people in attendance in Los Angeles, and set the record with 1007 babywearers. In Philadelphia we set a record in conjunction with Babywearing International with over 1200 babywearers participating at multiple locations around the US.
  5. Releasing our first woven wrap with Tekhni titled Adelphi which translates to “the sisterhood.”
  6. Testing out the Ergobaby 360 carrier before it was released to the public, and getting to experience all the babywearing snuggles our hearts desired.
  7. Designing a fitted cloth diaper with Sloomb, and getting families more familiar with the benefits of organic fibers and wool.
  8. Creating a military ticketing program that discounts tickets or provides complimentary tickets to our country’s finest. In 2014 we were able to give over 250 tickets to military families.
  9. Having Jessica and Jeremy Martin-Weber discuss creative uses and applications for breast milk in their session titled “Sex after Baby.” The session is always a favorite, and we just love how candid they are.
  10. It happens at every event, but it never gets old, to hear from a parent that has never worn their baby, never considered cloth diapering, and didn’t want to breastfeed who decides that they wanted to try all of those things out after attending the event! In Chicago last year we loved hearing from the mom who wore her 18 month old for the first time, the stay at home dad who decided he was going to cloth diaper their newborn twins after attending Cloth Diapering 101 with Cotton Babies, and the mother who had a breast reduction in her teens successfully breastfeed her daughter after hearing the empowering words of Jessica Martin-Weber and Abby Theuring.

Thank you for being part of our first two years, it has gone by so fast and we cannot wait to see what the future holds!


Team MommyCon


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