MommyCon :: Memphis Schedule and Session Descriptions

Memphis Schedule and Session Descriptions


Attachment Parenting: Why Empathy Matters: Attachment Parenting International I(API) co-founders will be discussing how the capacity for empathy develops in infancy, and why this matters so much to society. Empathy is the foundation for secure attachment and moral conscience, and is something parents model through responsive, sensitive care.  Their book and parenting curriculum, Attached at the Heart: Eight Proven Parenting Principles for Raising Connected and Compassionate Children give parents the strategies that are a paradigm shift in how we raise our children.

Babywearing 101: A comprehensive overview of baby carrier safety, and assortment of carriers including; the mei tai, soft structured carrier, woven wrap, stretch wrap, hybrid wrap, ring sling, wrap conversion and custom carrier options.
Birth Support: Speak to a doula and a birthing educator about your birth experience, empowering yourself to have a different experience next time, and bond with other women over what our bodies can do.

Breastfeeding in Color: Iola Kostrzewski shares her project Breastfeeding in Color featuring stories, images and inspiration from women of color.
Car Seat Safety:Learn and discover new car seat safety tips, laws, and information with Alyssa Majko-Ruben, CPST-I. This incredibly informative topic gives you all the facts behind why rearfacing is important, why a booster should be used, and great seats for every budget.
Childproofing 101: Learn about childproofing, ridding your home of toxins, and the importance of utilizing childproofing products to prevent injury in your home.
Cloth Diapering 101: An introduction to cloth diapering with Jennifer Labit. Topics discussed will include types of diapers, accessories and detergents.
Don’t Buy Things that Suck: 45 Minutes with Jamie Grayson: Join Jamie Grayson as he talks about all his favorite products, shares hilarious stories, and why less can be more.
Essential Oils 101: An introduction to transforming your medicine cabinet one bottle of Essential Oils at a time.
Mom Humor by the Honest Toddler: Join Bunmi Laditan, the creator of the Honest Toddler as she shares how to turn your tumultuous toddler into an obeying, 12-hour sleeper who eats all their veggies.
Normalizing Breastfeeding presented by Motherlove: A community of over 100,000 breastfeeding and supportive women, The Leaky Boob aims to normalize breastfeeding in this inspiring discussion about ways we can band together to encourage and support a mothers breastfeeding goals.
One Mother’s Journey: Attachment Parenting & Special Needs: Stories from a place of happiness, sadness and joy. How one little boy led a mama down a path of attachment parenting despite what others told her.
Sleep Consltatuions with Rebecca Michi: Stop by the area for your free infant sleep consultation with Rebecca and walk away with new ideas for getting your little one to sleep with ease using her gentle tips.”
Wrapping 101: Join Alisa DeMarco as she shares an introductory course to wrapping using the Ergobaby Wrap and Tekhni Woven Wraps. Alisa will show you how to front wrap cross carry, back wrap cross carry, and more!