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San Francisco E-Blast


Available spots in the following VIP Sessions

Toddler Time – Join the Toddler Time Early Risers Breakfast Club hosted by The Honest Toddler! The voice behind the twitter feed, Bunmi Laditan, will be serving juice and crackers, plus giving each paying adult attendee an awesome gift bag stuffed with products from Just Pretend Kids, Plan Toys, RePlay, Reflo Cup, Poppy Seeds, and so much more! The 45 minute session will take place the morning of MommyCon from 8:45AM-9:30AM in the Stockton Meeting Room. Register Here.

Expectant Mama: Expecting? Don’t miss this! The session has a special guest speaker, Abby Theuring of The Badass Breastfeeder who is currently expecting Baby #2! The gift bag is loaded with products we feel are must-have’s for new mommies including the brand new Ergobaby Wrap, swaddlers, Motherlove Nipple Cream, a MommyCon Exclusive Jammy Jams Sampler and so much more! This VIP takes places from 2:00PM-3:00PM on Friday, the day prior to MommyCon. Register Here.

Add-On’s + Sign-Up Sheets

Project: Breastfeeding: Join the movement moms and DADS! Take a stance in your support of breastfeeding by taking part in Hector Cruz’s internationally recognized project. Thanks to the generosity of Beco Baby Carrier we are able to offer a Beco Breastfeeding Package that includes a Beco Soleil in either Levi or Ellie in addition to a standard Project Pass. Register Here. 

99% of our seminars and workshops are open to all attendees, but for certain sessions we have limited product and space available. One of those sessions is Wrapping 101 with Alisa DeMarco. This 45 minute session features hands on wrapping instructions. Dolls, and wraps will be provided for you to use. Only 25 spots are available for this session, and we will randomly select participants on April 9. Sign up for Wrapping 101 

The other event element that requires advance sign-up is the Sleep Consultations with Rebecca Michi. These small group consultations last about 30 minutes, and are limited to 6 people per session. Rebecca does take on-site appointments, so if you are unsure of when you will want your time slot, just stop by the Stockton room for more information. Sign Up Here. 


 Download the My MommyCon Planner to Create your own schedule for the day!

Descriptions of Sessions

Seminar Room

Babywearing 101: A comprehensive overview of baby carrier safety, and assortment of carriers including; the Mei Tai, Soft Structured Carrier, Woven Wrap, Stretch Wrap, Hybrid Wrap, Ring Sling, Wrap Conversion and Custom Carrier Options.

The Badass Breastfeeder: I Don’t Need Your Authority: Abby Theuring isn’t just a mom from Chicago, she is a badass breastfeeding mommy from Chicago who is about to be a mother to two! Abby will share her personal experience in breastfeeding in public and honing in on your inner badass.

I Support You: What happens when the Time Magazine Cover-Mom, Jamie Lynne Grumet, The Fearless Formula Feeder, Suzanne Barston and Kimberley Simon team up on a campaign about empowering mothers? Join in on the #ISupportYou campaign to find out.

The Honest Toddler’s: Parents Who Mean Business. An engaging panel with; Chris Lumley, President of Clek, Kim Graham-Nye, President of gDiapers, Whitney McCollum, Attorney at Morrison & Foerster, Meg Collins, Creator of Lucie’s List and Heather Rider, Owner of Monkey Bars Shop.

The Leaky Boob: A community of over 100,000 breastfeeding and supportive women, The Leaky Boob aims to normalize breastfeeding in this inspiring discussion about ways we can ban together to encourage and support a mothers breastfeeding goals.

Car Seat Safety: Learn, and discover new car seat safety tips, laws and information with Alyssa Majko-Ruben, CPST. This incredibly informative topic gives you all the facts behind why rearfacing is important, when a booster should be used, and great seats for every budget.

Everything but the Kitchen Sink: A Conversation with Jamie Lynne Grumet, of Time Magazine fame, and Dr. Jay Gordon, world renowned attachment parenting friendly-pediatrician.

Alanis Morissette: As our keynote speaker, Alanis will share her parenting philosophy, her struggles with postpartum depression and an honest look at her role as mother, philanthropist and attachment parenting advocate.

Workshop Room 1

Essential Oils 101: An introduction to transforming your medicine cabinet one bottle of Essential Oils at a time with DoTerra.

Q&A with The Baby Guy NYC: Whether you are a first time mom or have a brood of twelve, join Jamie as he helps you navigate all things baby gear while consuming copious amounts of coffee.

Cloth Diapering 101: An introduction to cloth diapering from the experts at Cotton Babies. Topics discussed will include types of diapers, accessories and detergents.

Workshop Room 2

Birth Panel: An engaging discussion about achieving the birth you desire. The discussion will include information on formulating your birth plan, and creating the right birth environment for your family.

Skin-to-Skin: An introduction to the benefits of skin-to-skin and kangaroo care from the experts behind the Nuroo line of products.

The Healing Properties of Amber: You have seen Amber necklaces around lots of little necks, now find out why they are beneficial, and what to look for when purchasing Amber and Hazelwood.

If I Could, I Would: Dad created organization, Project: Breastfeeding, founder, Hector Cruz will be speaking to dads and moms regarding normalizing breastfeeding and providing support for their significant other in their breastfeeding journey.

Wrapping 101: From stretchy wraps to woven wraps, Alyssa shows you how to front wrap cross carry, back carry and more!

Navigating the Crunchy Mom: This “dude friendly” seminar will address everything from your wife telling you she wants an Igloo Birth to where to find the $40,000 car seat she picked out for less than the cost of a fishing cabin.

Baby Sign Language: An introduction to Baby Sign Language with Erika Vetter of Rise & Sign – Sign Language Academy.

Breastfeeding Support Group: Join IBCLC, Wendy Wright, for a safe place to speak discuss breastfeeding, latch difficulties and the journey that lactation takes us on as mothers.


Slumber Time: Rebecca Michi is pleased to join us in the Sleep Consultation Area at MommyCon in 2014. Stop by the area for your free infant sleep consultation with Rebecca and walk away with great tips for getting your little one to sleep with ease with Rebecca’s gentle tips.

Bottle Feeding Support Group: Join fellow bottle feeding mothers discuss the challenges they face as a bottle feeder regardless of whether breast milk or formula is being used, you are welcome to attend.

Postpartum Depression and Anxiety: Mother-to-Mother support group for mothers experiencing PPD/A.

Event Elements

The Babywearing Lounge: Enjoy over two dozen different carriers in the Babywearing Lounge presented by Ergobaby and Beco Baby Carrier. With carriers ranging from woven wraps to soft structured carriers to ring slings, and just about everything in between, if you cannot find your perfect carrier here, it just might not exist!

Car Seat Connection: Presented by Clek, this area showcases seats from a variety of manufacturers, and is staffed with Child Passenger Safety Technician’s to assist you in finding the perfect seat for your child.

The Cloth Diaper Resource Center: Join the Sloomb team in the Cloth Diaper Resource Center and find out all there is to know about cloth diapering from prefolds to wool to pockets and even AI2’s!

The Nursing Lounge: Sit back and enjoy a lactation cookie, and take some quiet time with your little one. Sponored by; Milkin’ Cookies, Itzy Ritzy, Molly’s Suds and 16 Minute Club.

Changing Stations: Whether you use cloth, disposables or hybrid diapers, stop by the gDiapers changing stations. Complimentary inserts will be provided to all gPants users!

Baby Food Court: Sit back while your little sits comfortably on the Nuna Zaaz highchair and enjoy some Happy Family Foods!


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