MommyCon :: Who is Karin Frost?

Who is Karin Frost?

 Karin FrostGiving birth is a life-changing experience for every woman. For Karin Frost, giving birth to her first child also spawned the start of a life-altering business.

During her pregnancy, Karin was introduced to Jean Leidloff’s book The Continuum Concept and that book set Karin on the path of attachment parenting.  In 2001, she found herself a 41-year-old first-time mom who felt compelled to develop a baby carrier that embodied her philosophy for staying comfortably close to her newborn son.

Karin was disappointed with the baby slings and pouches on the market at the time and set out to design a carrier that not only kept her son as close to her body as possible, but did so in a way that supported his body ergonomically.  With a Masters Degree in Design and 15 years of experience in clothing design, Karin found applying her own design skills to this project to be a natural process.

What began as one mother’s journey for her baby turned into one mother’s journey for all babies.  After completing the carrier design for her son, Karin was approached first by friends and then by strangers to share her comfort-oriented designs with parents everywhere. Karin launched Ergobaby in 2003, becoming the founder and original designer of the first, ergonomic soft-structured baby carrier company.

Today, Ergobaby has grown into a global brand, and has expanded its line of innovative, ergonomic baby products into the sleep (Ergobaby Swaddler) and wrap (Ergobaby Wrap) categories.  In 2010, Ergobaby moved into the travel category with the acquisition of the innovative, award-winning Orbit Baby car seats and strollers.


We invite you to join Karin at MommyCon Chicago in her session entitled, Creating Ergobaby.