MommyCon :: Bunmi Laditan, the voice behind Honest Toddler: presented by Boba

Bunmi Laditan, the voice behind Honest Toddler: presented by Boba

The Honest Toddler Presented by Boba

Come hear Bunmi Laditan, writer and mom of three, give a humorous talk on parenting in the trenches at MommyCon Chicago, San Francisco and Austin in 2014!

In her talk entitled: Let Them Eat Cake she’ll be sharing:

  • How she created Honest Toddler- the Twitter and Facebook sensation that keeps parents laughing and is now a book.

  • What life with her real life Honest Toddler is really like.

  • The Top 5 Ways You Know You’re A Toddler Mom.

  • Why Pinterest is a colorful form of domestic terrorism.

  • The Super Power all parents have.

Bunmi is thrilled to be joining us in 2014, and says;

“I recently read that sleep deprivation is actually a form of torture used to interrogate people. This explains 99% of parental behavior. Unless you’re Giselle, you’re probably running on fumes while simultaneously trying to raise the next generation. I truly believe the best thing that moms can do is cut themselves some slack and find the humor in everyday life.

I’m so excited to join MommyCon this year in a three city tour where I’ll be doing my absolute best to keep you giggling!

I’m an avid babywearer and a longtime fan of Boba. I’m so glad they’re sponsoring my MommyCon tour! I’ll be rocking the Boba Carrier in Tweet for most of the trip. If you see me… say hi!”